My first post….my knitting adventure begins

Hi, I’m Maria and this is my first blog post about how I took up knitting again.

If you read my About Me page you will see I was inspired by my Nan into the crafty world, but only picked up some needles a couple of years ago to help with living with long term illnesses.

The sorting through the many patterns I inherited from my late Nan the first project which caught my attention was Santa Jane Greenhowe’s Christmas Special – it was October so giving myself a couple of months I was hoping to be finished by the big day!!

Jane Greenhowe's Xmas Special

I went along to my local wool shop and selected the Red, Black, White, and Pale Pink, deciding on Stylecraft DK yarn.

To my amazement I remembered a lot of what Nan had taught me, just using YouTube to confirm I was doing it all right.  The instruction we lovely and simple and before I knew it Santa was completed well in advance of Christmas.


As you can see I was too impatient to add the Holly sprig to his hat – I got too excited when I had sewn him together and completely forgot about it!

Brimming with confidence I decided to embark on Mrs Claus.  Again it was a lovely simple and straight forward pattern, and I was really pleased with the way it turned out, well the body anyway – not so pleased with her face.

Maybe won’t be leaving her out for any small children to be frightened by!

Mrs Clause
Better luck next time for poor Mrs Claus face!










After completing these toys I was well and truly hooked! I enjoyed the relaxed feel concentrating on knitting gave me, taking me out of myself and forgetting about how I was feeling.  And the achievement of what I had created was so worth the effort, and my new hobby had begun.  And so I started to browse wonderful books left by nan for my next project,  and a new world of knitting magazines opened up to me.  I would never be stuck for something to do again!!

Until next time…

Maria xx